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Photo Copyright © Noya Lizor. All Rights Reserved.
Photo Copyright © Noya Lizor. All Rights Reserved.

Hey! I’m Noya. I’m not new to writing professionally but I am new to publishing on Medium and have only been posting here for a couple of weeks (except for a one-off stint a few years ago that I barely remember).

And WHOA! It sure has become a formidable beast…

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Not all freelance copywriters start off on an equal footing. Some only have a little copywriting experience compared to others who have been writing for years, albeit not in a freelance capacity. Some are more well-connected to people who are in a position to either give them work or help…

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I’ve been writing on Medium since September 1, 2021, and as with most newbies who are obsessed with reaching the 100-follower mark to be eligible for the Partner Program, and who penned some sort of “Medium is so unfair” story to vent their frustration with the platform’s enigmatic algorithm —…

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The simple truth is that some posts are better than others. Some topics excite, or move us, or rile us up more than others. And sometimes, when we’re immersed in what we’re reading, we’re swept away by feelings that range from “Right on! I’m so with you on this” or…


How Do You Make Up Your “Own” Mind? By Noya Lizor @
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If you dig a little deeper into it, you’ll find that your opinions are influenced by the sources you choose to learn from and trust. But who is behind those sources? Are they impartial, or motivated by a certain agenda, or beholden to a patron or sponsor? When you choose…


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With nearly 800 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, so standing out in the crowd ain’t easy. Gone are the days where creating an account on LinkedIn was just another way to publish your CV for potential employers to…

I’d Like to Propose a Radical New Approach for Writing on Medium: It’s Called “Positivity” — by Noya Lizor @noyalizor
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I’ve been active on Medium for a little over two months (at the time of penning this post) but it didn’t take long before I noticed that there are A LOT of disillusioned writers on this platform. Even veterans who have achieved “Top Writer” tags and used to earn enviable…


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Many of Medium’s “Top Writers” (and earners) have been on the platform for years. Some write brilliant, useful stuff, and others… not so much, but thanks to their longevity on the platform and help from the algorithm, they’ve accumulated huge followings and been published by the largest publications, repeatedly.


Noya Lizor

Freelance writer who loves pushing the envelope. For more of my insights and musings, follow me on LinkedIn:

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