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Noya Lizor

It’s a polite, respectful rant though. Promise.

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Hey! I’m Noya. I’m not new to writing professionally but I am new to publishing on Medium and have only been posting here for a couple of weeks (except for a one-off stint a few years ago that I barely remember).

And WHOA! It sure has become a formidable beast…

After all, if a stat says “it’s so”, then it MUST be so. Right?

Photo by Mary Markevich via Freepik

If you’ve read the stat in the headline and thought “Hang on a minute, I DO care about sources being provided! That stat sounds fishy”you’re right (congratulations, your “that-sounds-fishy” radar is working beautifully!). But here’s the thing (and it’s the whole premise for this post): Despite that stat…


Respect. Just a little bit. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what that means to me.

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Dear Asshole Clients Who Think that Freelancers Eat Air and Pay for Stuff with Monopoly Money,

Picture this:

You’re throwing a party and have ordered a cake from a patisserie. You go to collect it and when the sales lady keys in the price into the cash register, you tell…

Why Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection update will be a pain in the butt, but not a death blow for Email Marketers.

“R.I.P. Email Open Rate: Why Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection update will be a pain in the butt, but not a death blow for Email Marketers.” by Noya Lizor //

Since Apple’s announcement about the introduction of Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), effectively heralding the gradual (but impending) demise of the Open Rate, one of the most widely used metrics by Email Marketers to evaluate campaign performance — the marketing industry has been abuzz with predictions on how this development will…

Plus 9 Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Photo via iStock

Even in our pre-pandemic world, content marketing was already akin to a competitive sport, with brands navigating a saturated attention economy to attract and engage followers and convert them into new or repeat customers. But with COVID-19 forcing so many businesses to de-prioritize their brick-and-mortar stores and operate in a…

If you’re not already on YouTube, is there any point to join such an ultra-competitive platform? Here’s my take as a YouTube Newbie.

Photo of Noya Lizor by Sharon Levin. All Rights Reserved.
Photo (of Noya Lizor) by Sharon Levin. All Rights Reserved.

Let’s begin with some mind-numbing YouTube stats, to give this question some context (sources are linked below the post):

  • YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users // Every day, people watch over a billion hours of video that generate billions of views // More than 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. (Source: YouTube for Press)
  • As of 2020, there were more than 37 million…

In an era where online content must be distilled into purposeful, single-sentence promos that compel fussy online scanners to screech to a halt and click — the headline is EVERYTHING.

“How to Write FOMO Headlines Your Readers WON’T Be Sorry They Clicked On” by Noya Lizor //
Photo by Nina Malyna via Adobe Stock

Overwhelmed by too much content online? Who isn’t! The internet is now a gargantuan smorgasbord that feeds us infinite content choices 24/7 (including millions of blog posts published and promoted daily) so it’s no wonder we’ve evolved into time-poor, content-fatigued, and therefore skilled online scanners, who can determine within a split second whether we want to click on something or not.

As we browse the web, social channels and our inboxes in ‘scanning mode’, there are usually two key things that convince us (or fail to convince us) to click on an item of content: An image (which is a subject for a whole other post) or a headline. For the…

In a world where anyone can become an “Influencer”, what does who you’re “influenced” by say about you?

Photo by Kues via Shutterstock

For quite a while now I’ve been spending more time on YouTube watching ‘regular people’ than I have been watching TV shows and movies. I’ve also stopped caring what ‘legacy celebrities’ (actors, musicians, sportspeople etc.) have to say about anything that doesn’t directly relate to their actual line of work…

Not sure how long your blog post should be? Here are some actual examples of “short and lean” versus “long and meaty”.

Photo by @wayhomestudio via Freepik

Looking to hire someone to write blog posts for your website but not sure what word length to ask for? Or are you a budding writer who’s wondering what’s involved in writing blog posts of various lengths? Either way, you’re not alone. There’s always been debate over what the ideal word count should be for a ‘successful’ blog post (probably because this ‘ideal’ length has evolved over the years), so if you look into it, you’ll find there are discrepancies between the numbers recommended by various marketing experts.

The thing is, there isn’t just one ideal word count that applies to all blog posts, because there are a variety of factors that determine what is “ideal”, like the industry you’re in, the complexity of the subject you’re writing about, the purpose of the blog post and more.


In today’s saturated attention-economy, mediocre copy not only makes for forgettable content, but also tarnishes people’s impression of your brand, which is why crappy copy is a sure way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Photo by Cookie-Studio on Freepik

In an age where consumers of online content are spoiled for choice, we often associate ‘crappy copy’ with the caliber of the brand behind it: If it’s not a priority for a brand to create great copy, maybe there are other aspects of its products or business philosophy that are also lacking, so we instinctively appreciate brands that do take the trouble to create copy that’s engaging and well-written. If they’ve taken the trouble to create high-caliber content, they most likely take pride in other aspects of their offering as well, and as consumers we tend to gravitate towards brands and businesses that care about delivering great quality and go the extra mile to impress and delight us.

Before I dive in to why crappy copy cripples your marketing efforts, let’s just consider the context: When I say that “as consumers of content, we’re spoiled for choice”, it’s because according to Worldometers, over 7.5 million new blog posts are published every day in 2021 (!) about 61% of…

Noya Lizor

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